Top Ranking Portable Milking Machines Reviewed

Modern farming involves the use of machinery and advanced technology. One of the machines that have gained popularity in modern dairy farms is the portable milking machine.

A portable milking machine is an accessory that every dairy farm needs. The machine is every effective in harvesting dairy milk. It not only boosts the farm output but also facilitates dairy profitability.

In addition to reduction of milking costs, milk machines have numerous benefits. They significantly cut operation costs and milking time. You stand to enjoy all these benefits especially when using a modern machine.

The milking process is not complete until when the milk has been stored and preserved. Portable milking machines such as barrow type milk machines play a vital role in ensuring that this milking process is complete.

It is needless to invest in the best milking machine and end up losing all the milk during transportation. Portable milk machines play a major role in ensuring that the milk is safe, clean and free from contamination.

Outstanding Features Of A Reliable Portable Milk Machine

  • Gentle on cow teats and udder
  • Has high milking speeds
  • Ease of cleaning, maintenance and repair
  • Safe operation
  • Maintains milk at high quality without degrading it
  • Flexible to meet the herds demands

Which Are The Best Portable Milking Machines?

The debate on the best portable milking machine may ensue every other year. The market experiences changes every other year. What was thought to be the best milking machine today may not be the best tomorrow.

Milking machines are classified on different criteria. This means that the machine that may be the best in terms of speed may not be the best when it comes to milk quality. Having considered all these factors, with have outlined five of the most important factors that you need to consider when buying a milking machine

We have also reviewed the best portable milking machine for each of the five common factors. It will thus be easy for you to get the best milking machine in terms of portability, power, versatility, fuel efficiency and speed.

Best high speed portable milking machine

1. CO-Z 25 Liter Portable Milking Machine

Rapid milking is very important in harvesting every drop of cow milk. CO-Z manufacturers know this better and have been the leading producers of rapid milking machines for decades. One of such milk machines is the classic CO-Z portable milking machine.

The portable CO-Z machine is fitted with a single milk bucket. This is the bucket that collects all the milk from dairy cows. The bucket is served by durable milking claws. These are vital in the facilitation of rapid dairy milking.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 20.5 pounds
  • Capacity: 6.6 gallons (25 liters)
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Pulsation rate: 60/40
  • Pulsation times: 60-80 times per minute

Outstanding Product features

Ergonomic 240ML Claw

This is the muscle behind the milk machine’s high speed milking. It massages the cow teats gently resulting in minimal injuries. The high pulsation rate enables the incredible machine milk cow in about 10 minutes.

Stainless Bucket

Milk quality is paramount to any dairy farmer. One of the materials that have been known to maintain the milk in its fresh state is stainless steel. Stainless steel buckets have gained popularity in the past decade not only for their durability but also for milk quality.

The milk bucket has a capacity of 25 liters. This is enough to milk two cows but may not be able to milk a large herd out in the fields. For such endeavors, you need to have a larger storage to empty the milk after every milking session.

The Most Durable Portable Milking Machines

2. Popsport Electric Milking Machine

You definitely want to invest your money in a milk machine that will last long and give you value for money. The milk industry is slowly shifting towards automation. Electricity is a vital element in automation and an electric milking machine will not doubt be a treasure.

The popsport milk machine is a workhorse that is strong enough to drain cow milk efficiently. It is designed to secure all the milk harvested while taking great care of the dairy cows. This explains the purpose of the vacuum gauge. This is the gauge that ensures that the pressure is optimum and the teats aren’t wounded.

The power train is designed to ensure that the bucket sits securely on the barrow. This is very important in a portable milking machine. This guarantees smooth milk transportation.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 35x34x13 inches
  • Weight: 124 pounds
  • Capacity: 25 liters (25 kgs)
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Pulsation times: 64 per minute
  • Milking rate: 10-12 cows per hour

Unique Product Features

1440 RPM Motor

This is a strong and durable motor that has the capacity to draw 0.55KW of power. It gives the portable milk machine the capacity to milk up to 12 cows per hour.  This makes the machine very convenient for small dairy farms.

Large Sturdy Wheels

A portable milking machine is as good as its wheels. It’s the wheels that bring in portability and Popsport has ensured that their electric milk machine is fitted with the best barrow wheels. The wheels make it easy to push the machine around. They are easy to clean and maintain.

Best Fuel Efficient Portable Milk Machine

3. Rechargeable Cow, Sheep And Goat Milking Machine

Dairy milk profitability can only be achieved with efficient production. One of the major costs dairy farms have to contend with is fuel costs. The cost of running a milking machine should be manageable.

Some sections of the countries are faced with power supply challenges. Such are the areas that farmers need to have a milking machine that can run on different sources of power. Hybrid and rechargeable milking machines qualify as the best options.

Dansha Farms had all types of farmers in mind when they developed the rechargeable goats, cows and sheep milking machine. This is an efficient milking machine that will serve different purposes and doesn’t necessarily require you to have power source when milking your animals.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 12x9x6 inches
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Capacity: ½ gallon

Special Product features

The Rechargeable batteries

A milk machine with rechargeable batteries guarantees the farmer all time milking. This eliminated the dependency on electricity power supply. The Dasha farms rechargeable milker hosts six rechargeable batteries.

To facilitate efficient battery charging, this machine comes ready with two chargers. One charger can be plugged into a 220 Volt outlet while the other can be plugged in a 120 Voltage power outlet.

Polyurethane Cement

Milk machines achieve excellent milking results in the presence of a vacuum. This vacuum is maintained by tight seals. The polyurethane makes it possible to maintain the desirable seal. It attaches the connectors to the bottle milker. This provides and air-tight connection that delivers the desired vacuum.

The polyurethane is non-porous and becomes inert while in use. This ensures that now odor transfer occurs in the milk thus maintaining its freshness.

Most Powerful Portable Milking Machine

4. 1440 RPM Vevor Milking Machine

A large cow herd needs a strong milking machine. It’s not every machine that will relentlessly deliver the kick needed to milk hundreds of cows all year round. Vevor portable milking machine is possible one of the few machines that will not disappoint.

Vevor is a renowned appliance manufacturer and have gone an extra mile to design the incredible 1440 RPM milking machine. This is a machine that has stood the test of time. It has proven to be a reliable milking machine.

The Vevor consists of a 25 liter bucket mounted on a strong and sturdy barrow. Its outstanding power is delivered by the 0.55KW motor. This gives it the power to milk up to 12 cows per hour.

Product Specifications

  • Power: 0.55KW (1440RPM)
  • Capacity: 25 liters
  • Milking Speed: 10-12 cows per hour
  • Voltage: 60Hz (110Volts)
  • Pulsation: 64 per minute

Main Product features

25 liter Bucket

A portable milking machine serves many purposes. The portable appliances are best suited for dairy hers on the move. Farmers whose cows graze in the wild and paddocks find portable milking machines to be valuable assets.

These machines eliminate the need to have a centralized milking parlor. The cows can be milked at any part of the farm. The Vevor portable milker has the capacity to hold up to 25 liters of milk. This is huge enough to let the farmer milk several cows at a go.

Powerful 0.55 KW motor

A milk machine’s motor delivers the power needed to maintain the vacuum that eventually draw milk from cow teats. A good milker needs a strong motor and a 0.55KW is more like it. This is a strong motor that can run for hours without overheating or breaking down.

Most Versatile Portable Milking Machine

5. Single Bucket Electric Pulsation Portable Milking Machine For Cows Cattle, Goat Or Sheep

Having a milking machine in the farm increases your chances of gaining dairy milk profitability. Well, if your farm plays host to goats and sheep, you may need to think of having a versatile portable milking machine.

There are a number of milking machines that will milk your cows as well the goats. One of such machines is the bucket piston electric pulsation portable milking machine.

This portable milking machine is fitted with a high power electric pump that gives it the capacity to operate continuously for more than 24 hours. The engine is easily cooled. It has exhaust holes that facilitate heat dissipation. The exhaust holes also come in handy in protecting the engine from short circuit.

The single bucket milk machine is designed to be eco-friendly, comfortable and efficient. Its silicon milk lining feel comfortable to the cow teats and deliver the much needed massage effect. The animal will feel comfortable and will hardly get hurt.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 13.9×9.5×7.3 inches
  • Weight: 6.38 pounds
  • Material: Stainless steel and aluminum alloy
  • Voltage: 110V/220V

Product Features

The Pulsation function

Pulsation in a milking machine makes all the difference. It determines the rate at which the milk is drawn and cow comfort. The electric pulsation in this milk machine simulates hand milking. It ensures that the cow is comfortable during and after milking.

After the milking session, the animal feels relaxed and feels no pain. This is very important in machine milking. You need to test the machine’s pulsation before introducing it to the animals. This can be done using the thumb as the dummy teat.

Anti-negative Pressure milk storage talk

A lot of animal milk is lost after milking. Most of the time, it is the storage that goes wrong. To ensure that you are getting quality milk hours after milking, the easy to clean storage tank gives you reliable milk storage.

You just need to ensure that the tank isn’t full to the brim. Filling the bucket/bottle to the brim may result in short circuits. This will damage the motor rendering it useless.

The Science Behind Portable Milking Machines

Having looked at some of the best portable milking machines, it’s important to understand how these appliances work. Well, the magic in the milking machine is best experienced at the teats. This happens when the teat squeezes the teats and draw milk from the cow.

A milking machine teat cup has two sides. It has the milking side and the pulsate side. The two are separated by a membrane. This membrane pulsates to create teat suction. When the cup is attached, the teat fits in the cup chamber.

Once the vacuum pump is turned on, a pressure difference sets in. this creates a vacuum in the teat chamber. Consequently, milk is drawn out of the teat.

The sucking effect is followed by a resting stage. At this stage, pressure is withdrawn from the teat chamber. The pressure withdrawal increase pressure in the chamber. The liner collapses easing pressure on the teat. Subsequently, a massaging effect is felt on the teat.

The massaging effect encourages increased blood flow. It is quite vital in keeping the milk flowing and ensuring that the cow’s teats aren’t hurt.


Portable milking machines come in different shapes and sizes. Some have buckets as small as 0.5 liter while others will go beyond 25 liters capacity. Some are electric while others are battery powered. All these different types of machines will work differently for different types of dairy farms.

When choosing a portable milking machine, you need to ensure that it is the milking machine that your farm needs. Get a machine that will boost your milk production and profitability. We hope that our review of the top five portable milking machines will help you settle on the best milking machine.