Best Grade 90 Cheesecloth Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Having a hard time choosing the best cheesecloth? Well, we’ve got your back and will shoulder the burden for you by helping you understand grade 90 cheesecloth and why it’s the best cheesecloths in the market. Having used different cheesecloths severally, you will attest to the fact that there are hundreds of cheesecloths uses. It is the diverse uses that make it a little confusing when choosing the best cheesecloth. The confusion will be a thing of the past after reading this review.

Common Grade 90 Cheesecloth Characteristics

When buying your grade 90 cheesecloth, there are some obvious features/characteristics that you will need to look out for. These include the weave, fabric, bleach, size and probably the color. We know most cheesecloths will be white but it doesn’t hurt to check. Some of the impressive characteristics of the grade 90 cheesecloth include;

·         The Fine Weave

Grade 90 cheesecloth ranks among the finest cheesecloths. It’s weave measures 44×36 stitches/threads in every square inch. This gives it maximum strength and durability thus the numerous uses.

·         Strong and sturdy design

The tight stitches make grade 90 cheesecloth very strong. This is the characteristic that makes it suitable for cloth making. It can be used to design blouses, shirts and summer skirts. A good number of companies have used it to design award winning dresses. Follow this link for some of the best dresses. The fabric is also used in making masks and came in handy in the prevention against covid-19 virus.

·         Natural 100% unbleached fabric

Premium grade 90 cheesecloth is commonly made of 100% natural cotton. The cotton fabric is lint free and usually unbleached. The strong and unbowed fabric measures approximately 36 inches and 100 yards.  It can be cut easily using a pair of scissors. This allows the user to make the best of each piece with minimal wastage.

Making the best of every coin is practical and possible with this incredible cheese cloth. It is not only washable but also reusable. You can therefore use if several times before disposing it. Its important that you use food-safe detergents, if you have to, when cleaning the fabric.

Grade 90 Cheesecloth Uses

Grade 90 cheesecloth is arguably the best cheesecloth. This is the cheesecloth that has been proven to complete any task thrown at it and delivering the desired results. Besides making cheese, which it does perfectly, this cheesecloth has numerous uses in the kitchen and even outside. In fact, it’s the cheesecloth you need to pack first before heading out for a picnic or hike. It will come in handy in executing those survival tactics you just learnt. Here are some uses for cheesecloth for survival.

Some of the common uses for grade 90 cheesecloth include;

  1. Making Halloween decorations
  2. Wedding decorations
  3. Straining yogurt and broth
  4. Making cheese
  5. Dress making
  6. Tying herbs
  7. Basting poultry
  8. Wring tuna among other cooking tasks.

The cheesecloth may also be used to grow sprouts, polish furniture, silverware and cars.

Top 5 Grade 90 Cheesecloth Reviewed

This being one of the best cheesecloths, it’s important that you know the specific cheesecloth that won’t disappoint you. We have used a wide range of these cheese cloths and can confidently recommend at least five grade 90 cheesecloths that we have found to be worth every penny. These cheesecloths include;

1. Sceng Grade 90 Cheescloth, 4 Yards, 36sq. Ft, 100% Unbleached Cotton, Reusable, Ultrafine Cooking Cheesecloth, Filter, Strainer

Sceng is one of the renowned cheesecloth brands. Their cheesecloth grades vary from extra fine to open weave. The brand has crafted a name in the cheesemaking industry by providing some of the best cheesecloths. One of such cheesecloths is the grade 90 100% natural cotton unbleached cheesecloth reviewed here.

Sceng 100% natural, pure unbleached grade 90 cheesecloth is a handy item in the kitchen and beyond. It has multiple uses ranging from cheese making, wine making, canning, basting turkey, sprouting beans, straining milk, broth, tea and jelly, juicing vegetables, wrapping fruits, clarifying butter, baking, Halloween decorations, cleaning, polishing to painting.

Before using the cheesecloth to prepare foods, spare some time to boil it in water. This should take at least 15 minutes. The main aim of boiling the cheesecloth is cleaning it and killing any foreign organisms. The cheesecloth is unbleached thus possibility of dirt or stains.

Product Specifications


  • Size: 36”x144”x0.12”-4 yards (Grade 90)
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Material: 100% cotton

Product features

  • Grade 90 cheese cloth
  • 100% unbleached natural cotton
  • Lint free high-quality fabric
  • DIY cutting
  • Multiple household uses
Outstanding features
·         Grade 90 cheesecloth

A comparison between grade 90 cheesecloth and other cheesecloth grades in the market reveals that grade 90 is the premium quality. It is not only better quality but also more durable. Sceng grade 90 cheesecloth is specifically very durable. You can actually wash it and re-use over and over.

·         Lint free high-quality fabric

Some cheesecloth can be very disappointing. You use it thinking that its lint-free only to realize that it leaves some fabric in your food. This can be a health hazard. Sceng cheese cloth stands out as it is 100% pure and only virgin cotton is used. You are therefore guaranteed of high-quality finishes with no impurities or recycled fibers.


  • Perfect for making Greek yogurt
  • Perfect for costumes as it doesn’t fray with ease
  • Non-absorbent fine cotton mesh allows liquids to flow slowly but steadily thus uniform finish
  • It is re-usable
  • Easy and simple to use


  • Good for filtering but not best for straining

2. Olicity grade 90, 100% natural unbleached cotton, 45 sq. ft, 5 yards cheesecloth

Shopping for cheesecloth has never been easy. Currently, there are hundreds of cheesecloth brands in the market. This not only leaves you confused but also makes it difficult to settle for the best. We all tend to flock to stores that offer discounts and, in some instances, end up buying low quality items simply because they are cheaper.

Before stepping foot in the local store or visiting the online store, its important that you clearly understand the different options available to you and the one that serves and meets your needs best.

Having used different cheesecloths, we can confidently say that Olicity is one of the cheesecloth brands that meet the cut. Their cheesecloths are durable, reliable and dependable. One of such cheesecloths is the Olicity grade 90, 100% natural unbleached cotton, 45 sq. ft, 5 yards cheesecloth. The cheese cloth is dense and arguably the highest grade and quality in the market. Well, there are a few grade 100 cheesecloths but you may not notice much difference in the final product.

Product Description

  • Size: 3.94”x2.99”x0.47”-5 yards
  • Weight: 3.98 ounces
  • Material: 100 % unbleached cotton
  • Color: Unbleached

Product Features

  • 100% natural unbleached cotton
  • Good quality and tight weave
  • Grade 90 cheese cloth
  • Re-usable and lint free
  • Multiple household uses
  • Multiple layer filtration
Outstanding Features
·         Multiple household uses

With the increased concern on different products and recipes, a good percentage now prefers homemade foods. To be honest, homemade delicacies taste much better. Well, that will be determined by your culinary skills. Having reliable items such as the Olicity grade 90 cheesecloth will make it much easier for you.

Olicity grade 90 cheesecloth has numerous uses. These include making Greek yogurt, holiday baking and cooking, straining, making Halloween decorations among other

·         Good quality and tight weave

Cheesecloth quality makes all the difference. If you are looking forward to smoothly strained yogurt or residue free soup, you need to go for Olicity grade 90 lint-free cheesecloth. This cheesecloth doesn’t fray. This means that it will not leave behind any fabrics. It will also make decent dresses that are thick and hold the shape quite fine.


  • Has a fine mesh
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Good quality and value for money
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Doesn’t fray with ease
  • Great for sieving and straining
  • Fabric looks and feels good
  • Numerous indoors and outdoors uses
  • Perfect for Halloween decorations


  • Needs to be cleaned before use

3. Regency Ultra-Fine Grade 90, 100% Natural Unbleached Cotton, Single Pack, 9 Square Feet, Re-Usable Strain-Filter

Cheesemaking narrows down to consistency. You are only guaranteed of the best quality cheese if you can maintain straining consistency and ensure that the whey is completely separated. Most cheesecloths will strain but only a few will deliver perfect consistency.

One of the few cheesecloths that have proven to offer impeccable consistency is the Regency ultra-fine grade cheesecloth. The cheesecloth has a fine and regular mesh 44×36 tpi weave that guarantees you best quality cheese.

This cheesecloth easily ranks among the most versatile items you can have in your pantry. It has countless uses ranging from baking, straining, polishing, cleaning, basting, décor to dressmaking. You will definitely find it to be invaluable.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 7.5” x 5.75” x 0.5” – 9 square feet
  • Weight: 0.64 ounces
  • Material: cotton
  • Style: single pack

Product Features

  • Food-grade, ultra-fine cheesecloth
  • 100% natural unbleached cotton cheesecloth
  • Strong and sturdy fabric that doesn’t shred with ease
  • Generous size that lasts long
Outstanding features
·         Food-grade, ultra-fine cheesecloth

The stress of straining homemade broth or ghee can make you forego the same and opt for commercial packs. Well, that’s until you meet this cheesecloth. You will need to fold the cheesecloth, at least four layers, to get the fine sieve that you desire. With that, you are guaranteed of well strained broth or ghee.

The heavy-weight cheesecloth is food safe. You can therefore baste your turkey, strain jams, make nut milk, dust cakes, and strain cheese among other uses in the kitchen. The ultra-fine weave makes it easy to use the cheesecloth to make dresses and other cloths.

·         100% natural unbleached cotton cheesecloth

Unbleached cotton serves as the best fabric when it comes to food preparation. This is the fabric that doesn’t transfer any dye or chemicals to foodstuffs. The cotton is 100% natural and safe for human food.

Its important to note that you will need to wash the cheesecloth in hot water before using it for the first time. The fact that no chemicals or dye is used in its production means that it may contain some foreign objects. Sometimes insects may also hide in the fabric. Washing in hot water will flush them out alongside other impurities.


  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect high quality fabric for straining
  • Ultra-fine thus numerous uses
  • Affordable price
  • Friendly in outdoor and indoor uses


  • Not lint-free
  • Shreds and sheds with ease
  • Not hemmed

4. Zeppoli grade 90 unbleached, 100% natural cotton, 4 yards, 44×36 inches, reusable fine fabric, strainer, filter, Nut milk bag

Having used the Zeppoli kettle you must be eager to use this multi-purpose cheesecloth. Just like with the kettle, Zeppoli cheesecloth kicks ass when it comes to quality. The 100% cotton cheesecloth is not only made from natural fabrics but is also lint free.

The Zeppoli cheesecloth is kitchen friendly and may be used in any cooking task. Its versatility makes it possible to trap flavors when blasting poultry thus more delicious treats. It is ideal for poaching, waxing, canning, blanching and canning. It may also be used for cleaning tasks in the kitchen.

Product specifications

  • Size: 9.3” x 6.2” x 1”
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Material: 100% bleached Cotton

Product features

  • Lint free
  • 100% natural unbleached cotton
  • Versatile
  • Food safe
  • Sturdy mesh
Outstanding features
·         100% natural unbleached cotton

The premium natural cotton that is 100% unbleached makes zeppoli food safe and gives it long life. It is the same fabric that makes it one of the best grade 90 cheesecloths. Cotton is known to be soft, hollow and cool. this breathable fiber allows cheese to age perfectly. The fabric also enables use of the cheesecloth for cleaning and polishing tasks as it withstands high temperatures and abrasion wear.

·         Versatility

Zeppoli cheesecloth has outstanding abilities that make it suitable for food preparation, straining, cheesemaking, filtering, cleaning, polishing, decoration, dusting and painting just to mention but a few. Its versatility makes it stand out among competing brands as it can literally take up any task thrown at it.


  • Serves multiple purposes
  • Its affordable
  • Impeccable quality gives value for money
  • Allows one to cut out portions


  • Highly absorbent

5. Hemmed Fancymay Grade 90, 20×20 Inch, 6 Pack, Unbleached, Ultra-Fine Re-Usable Cheesecloth

The cheesecloths reviewed above have been tried and tested. Taking a moment at to have a glance at the reviews by customers in online stores such as Amazon well definitely prove that they have been used by thousands and the feedback is positive. We are here to affirm the same and beyond that give the assurance of value for money.

We know that our tastes differ and its for this reason we wouldn’t call it a wrap without reviewing a hemmed cheesecloth. This hemmed grade 90 cheesecloth is produced by FancyMay, a market leader in matters fabric. This an ultra-fine cheesecloth that can be used multiple times delivering great consistency.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 11.85” x 8.35” x 1.46” -20”x20”
  • Weight: 9.1 ounces
  • Material: Cotton

Product Features

  • Well hemmed design
  • Grade 90 superior quality
  • 100% natural unbleached cotton
  • Lint-free high quality fabric
  • Multiple uses
Outstanding Features
·         Well hemmed design

Rarely will you find hemmed cheesecloths and when you do, you can be sure you have an added advantage. The hem, just like in normal clothing, improves the appearance and reinforces the cheesecloth. You will thus be saved the headache of folding or trying edges to make your strainer strong and sturdy.

The cheesecloth is professionally hemmed following top-notch craftsman sewing. You will therefore experience minimal loose threads. The cheesecloth will also be used for long before it frays.

·         Multiple Uses

Cheesecloth generally has numerous uses. This ultra-fine food grade boasts of countless uses inside and outside the kitchen. The fine grade cheesecloth uses include dusting desserts, infusing spices and herbs, basting poultry, covering foods, straining, aging cheese, cleaning, polishing, bandaging, dress making, Halloween decorations and painting among others.

With this cheesecloth, you will definitely have an easy time undertaking the basic tasks at home. Surprisingly, you can even use the grade 90 cheesecloth to brush your pets’ teeth. This will be an ingenious way of cleaning their teeth without scaring them. They will love it and find it comfy.


  • It has numerous uses
  • Safe to use as its 100% natural
  • Filters more impurities thanks to the fine and tight weave
  • Doesn’t exude lint yet they are soft and folds with ease
  • Its unbleached and has no dye
  • Its easy to use and clean
  • It can be re-used


  • The pieces are few for a busy kitchen
  • May not be huge enough for long dresses and decorations


Grade 90 cheesecloth easily ranks as the highest quality cheesecloth. This may be attributed to its fine weave and its versatility. It actually competes with muslin and other fabrics that are considered to be the best cheesecloth substitutes. Its not a surprise that you will end up going back to this fine grade cheese cloth.

Grade 90 cheesecloths are not limited to the 5 cheesecloths reviewed here. There are hundreds or brands and varieties that you can choose from. What is certain is that the cheesecloths reviewed above will give you value for money. You cannot go wrong with these pieces.

Do not hesitate to grab one of the cheesecloths not only while working in the kitchen but also when heading out on excursions and expeditions. Grade 90 cheesecloth has a fine weave and will serve as a great mosquito net and also enable you sieve water and other drinks, tie your herbs, enjoy warm sunshine in cheesecloth-woven summer dresses and other countless uses.

We hope that you will find this piece of fabric invaluable. Have fun as you explore more uses of the incredible grade 90 cheesecloth.