Facts About Electric Cow Milking Machines And Their Profitability

Electric cow milking was introduced in the 1970s. Their introduction was an upgrade of the then ‘modern milking machines’ which were mostly mechanically powered. Electric cow milking machines brought about automation which was a major turning point in the dairy industry.

Automatic milking systems (AMS) basically refers to the process of extracting milk from cows without human labor. Most of the milking machines used in such systems are electric cow milking machines.

Different Types Of Electric Milking Machines

Barrow Type Electric Machines

Having an electric milking machine that can be moved from one point to the other is an added advantage. Barrow type electric milkers make it possible to milk cows in different sections of the farm.

Barrow type electric milk machines are also known as trolley milking machines. This name is coined from the trolley carriage that hosts the milking unit. The trolley has wheels that aid in the locomotion of the machine. It can either be electric powered or manual.

There are number of barrow milking machines that are electricity powered. The main advantage of using these machines is their efficiency. They are not only swift but are also economical. Running the machines on electric power is cheaper than other sources of power.

Best Barrow Type Electric Milking Machine

Vevor 25 L1440 RPM Electric Milking Machine

The electric Vevor milking machine is one of the most reliable milking machines. It is easy to use making it friendly for all types of dairy farms. This is a plug and use machine that can be used in 110-240V electric outlets.

The presence of a easy and simple piston makes this vevor milker easy to operate and maintain. The piston needs to be lubricated once per week. Gear oil (#20) or edible oil may be used to lubricate the piston.

Product Specifications
  • Size: 25 liters
  • Weight: 128 pounds
  • Power: 0.55KW
  • Milking capacity: 10-12 cows per hour
Prominent Features
  • Large bucket (25 L)
  • High milking speed
  • Stainless steel body

High Speed Milking

A huge dairy farm deserves a high speed milking machine. The electric vevor milker has the capacity to milk up to 12 cows very hour. This is considerably high and will be very effective in milking a huge herd of cattle.

The milker can comfortably work at 0.04 to 0.05 MPa pulsation. This is very friendly to the animal and delivers milk without hurting the animal. The 0.55 KW motor delivers the kick needed to get the work done. It makes 1440 revolutions per minute ranking it among the fastest milking machines.

Stainless Body

Dairy profitability is pegged in milk quality. The presence of a stainless steel milk bucket is a major step towards milk quality maintenance. Stainless steel is known to hold milk for long without any contamination. The material doesn’t react with milk thus guarantees the farmer of high quality milk delivery.

  • Fast and efficient
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Heavy duty caster wheels
  • Easy to operate
  • Well balanced (even when full)
  • Can be noisy
  • It’s a high end product

Portable Electric Milkers

Portability brings along efficiency and versatility. Portable electric milking machines make it possible to milk dairy cows at every corner of the farm. the cows can thus be milked without necessary being driven to the milking parlor.

A reliable portable milker is one that doesn’t compromise on the quality of milk collected. It should preferably consist of a tank/bucket made from a reliable material such as stainless steel.

Most of the portable electric machines are small in size. They can be carried by hand from one point to the other. Their capacity is thus low and shouldn’t be expected to serve a huge her of cattle.

Top Rate Portable Electric Milking Machine

Hantop 2-Teats 7 L Stainless Bucket Electric Milking Machine

The hantop electric milker is a simple yet efficient machine that delivers the guarantee of high quality milk at all times. This is a machine that observes high milk hygiene. Once sealed, no dirt, urine or hair can get into the milk.

The fact that this milking machine is portable makes it very friendly. It can suit any kind of dairy setting. It may however fail to meet the needs of huge dairy farms. Such farms would need to invest in a larger milking machine or a portable milking parlor.

Product Specifiations
  • Size: 10.2×10.2×9.8 inches
  • Weight: 6.1 pounds
  • Capacity: 7 liters
  • Material: Stainless steel
Product Features
  • Adjustable vacuum pump
  • 7L bucket
  • Small milking unit(kit)
  • Universal adapter

Adjustable Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump delivers the vacuum necessary in milking cattle. The efficiency of the pump also determines the efficiency of the entire machine. The presence of an adjustable vacuum pump raises the bar quite high for this milking machine’s competitors.

The adjustable vacuum pump is simply designed making it easy to use and operate. It may be used by any class of farmer as it doesn’t require sophisticated training. This is not to mention that it delivers sufficient power to the milking machine.

7 Liter Stainless Steel Bucket

Portable milking machines are known to be small. However, Hantop milking machine is not your ordinary milker. This is a machine that can hold a whopping 7 liters. This is incredible capacity that will make you forget that you were using portable milking equipment.

  • Vacuum can be adjusted
  • Huge milk capacity
  • May be used for goat milking
  • Fast and efficient
  • The bucket is flimsy
  • Sanitization may be challenging

Components Of Electric Milking Machines

An electric milker has a lot of similarities with other milkers. The only major difference is the power source. Some of the outstanding components of these machines include;

Vacuum Pump

Milk extraction from cows requires the existence of a vacuum. This is the pressure difference that makes milk to flow from the teats into the teat cup. This pressure difference is created by a vacuum pump that should have a capacity to produce at least 6 CFM of vacuum.

The Bucket

This is the tank that collects the milk. It is attached to the milking claws. Different milkers have different types and sizes of milking buckets. While some may have small buckets, some will have huge ones.

Every type of bucket has its advantages. The small buckets are portable and are easy to transport from one end to the other. On the other hand, the huge buckets may not be portable but they will hold a large amount of milk. You therefore do not need to empty the bucket every now and then.

Inflations And Shells

These are the parts of the milking machine that replace the hands. In hand milking, it is the hands (fingers) that get in direct contact with the teat. When it comes to automated milking, shells and inflations get the direct contact with the teats.

The shells and inflations come in different shapes and sizes. The size is not determined by the size of the animal but the size of the teats. Just like the bra, you need to select the inflations that are fitting and comfortable.

Milking Pulsator

These are the vacuum regulators. They turn the vacuum on and off. This ensures that the teats are not on constant vacuum. This not only ensures efficient milking but also protects the teats from damage and injuries.

Claws Or Elbows

This is the part of the milking machine that goes in the bottom of the inflations. It connects the milking lines to the inflations. In milking machines that use buckets, they will connect the inflations to the bucket.

Vacuum Gauge

Vacuum observation and management is vital in milking machines. Too low pressure may not draw any milk while too much pressure will hurt the animals.

Normally, the vacuum needs to be maintained at 12-13 hg. This is the most favorable vacuum for any type of pulsator. Maintain this vacuum level on the gauge and your milking will be comfortable and efficient.


While the vacuum gauge indicates the vacuum level, the regulator does the actual job of regulating the vacuum level. This is the device that will make it possible to regulate and maintain the desired vacuum.

An Adapter

Adapters aren’t found in every milking machine. The presence or absence of one will be determined by the type of milking bucket in use. Surge bucket milkers with a lid that has a surge pulsator do not require an adapter.


Robotic/ automatic milking is here to stay. One of the best ways of making the best of modern milking equipment and techniques is investing in a milking machine. Electric milking machines stand out in the milking industry.

Electric milkers are not only fast but also very efficient. They can be used is all dairy farm setups. They deliver high quality milk and are easy to use and maintain. We hope that our review of some of the top ranking electric milking machines will help you select a machine that will transform your dairy farm.