The Best Grade 40 Cheesecloth Reviewed

Grade 40 cheesecloth ranks among the best medium-grade cheesecloths. It boasts a medium weave that makes it absorbent and very durable. It’s the cheesecloth that will handle almost all tasks including cooking, wiping, polishing, cleaning, straining, decorations, staining, and others. Luckily, you can find the cheesecloth either as a roll or precuts. The precuts measure 24×36 inches, a perfect size for most recipes. Some of the outstanding grade 40 cheesecloth brands include:

1. Arkwright LLC Grade 40, 70 Sq Yards, Extra-Large Cheesecloth

Arkwright LLC has gained popularity for its incredible cheesecloths. They not only make and age cheese but also serve countless other uses. The grade 40 bleached cheesecloth stands as one such product. Made from 100% natural cotton, this durable and reusable cheesecloth can go through rinse and reuse cycles repeatedly. This saves you lots of money.

You can use this cheesecloth to strain stocks, make and age cheese, baste poultry, and create decorations. Moreover, it has proven very effective in making Halloween decorations, as many product reviews on depict.

 2. Deroyal BIDF2420370-BX Medium Weave Grade 40 Cheesecloth Strainer

This incredible cheesecloth can easily become your favorite straining cloth. It’s suitable for straining stocks, bundling herbs, basting turkey and chicken as well as straining soup. The 70 sq yard cheesecloth is 100% cotton, making it food safe.

Not only is the cheesecloth durable, but you can also clean and reuse it with different recipes. Its versatility extends beyond the kitchen, as it can also accomplish various tasks outside, such as making nursery beds, covering vegetables, and wrapping fruits and herbs.

3. Burlapfabric Grade 40, 100% Cotton, 36-Inch-Wide Cheesecloth

The lint-free, 100% cotton cheesecloth delivers an even weave with its nice fabric. Measuring 36” wide, it provides reliability while straining cheese, stews, stock, and broth. Furthermore, the bleached cheesecloth is food safe, making it suitable for various kitchen preparations.

Beyond food-related activities, you can also use it for painting, making decorations, designing table runners, and centerpieces, among others. It is sturdy enough for gardening activities, proving very effective in making vegetable shades.


Grade 40 cheesecloth has numerous uses. Initially, it was designed for straining and aging cheese. However, over time, the uses for cheesecloth have expanded beyond the kitchen to various household and survival activities.

Grade 40 cheesecloths may not offer as many options as the finer grade 90 cheesecloth. However, this does not mean you would miss out on the uniqueness of grade 40 cheesecloth. Knowing the best cheesecloths in each grade/category makes it easy to settle on the best option.

The varieties reviewed here offer the chance to experience using medium grade cheese that strikes the balance between being too fine and too loose. If you want to explore more options, a wide variety of cheesecloths are available here.