Best All Time Milking Parlors Designs

Gone are the days when you would need to pull that stool and breath into your hands to get started with your milking procedure. The change has been so immense that the milk no longer needs human presence to be collected from the cows. the process is now fully automated with the installation of the best milking parlors and you will be thrilled to learn how much technology has affected this field that seemed laid back some decades ago.

Technology has made it possible to provide the best milking machines across the globe with different farmers going for different machines based on their needs. What has been notable is the entrancement of the parlor system. This is a system that enables farmers to milk numerous animals from the same location at the same time while making the best use of the available milking machines. Just like the milking machines, milking parlors come in different shapes, designs, sizes and cost. Let’s learn more about modern parlor designs.

The Parallel Parlor Design

In parallel design milking parlors, cows stand parallel to each other. This means that the cows will be standing side to side and it may contain two rows where the cows in the opposite row face in the opposite direction. This way, the operator will only be left with the rear end of the cow and this is the direction from which the milking will happen. with this milking system, milking only commences when all the cows have been locked in the stalls and will only be released after all the cows have been milked. This remains to be the favorite design for many farmers as it is easy to put up and accommodates a lot of animals.

The Tandem Parlor Design

Heard of tandem bikes? Well, you have the idea. Tandem parlors aren’t any different from tandem bikes in the sense that the cows stand nose to tail in the individual stalls. this means that the milker is left to milk the cows from the side-on point. with this design, you do not need to wait for all the cows to be in their stalls to start milking neither do you need to wait for all to be milked to release them. Once a cow has been milked it can be released without necessarily waiting for others creating more room for others that are yet to be milked.

Herringbone Parlor Design

Small scale farmers find it challenging to install the tandem or horizontal designs and the solution is found in the herringbone design. with this design, a parlor can be designed to accommodate animals aligned in 45 degree angle. This way, the milker has more access to the animals than in other designs and different types of milking equipment may be used. The design also allows animals to be milked independently as their movement doesn’t affect the milking equipment.

Rotary Design Milking Parlor

the most interesting milking parlor is the rotary parlor. This can be likened to a carousel only that this time animals get to enjoy the ride. In this design, stalls are arranged in a circular formation and rotates slowly to allow animals to board and get milked in a lap or two. This design is very convenient for the milker as they can handle everything from one location.

What You Need To Know Before Investing In One of The Best Milking Parlors Designs

Visit any farmer and inquire about their parlor expectations and they will tell you that they would be interested in a low-cost parlor. well, while many may interpret this to be a cheap parlor, the truth is far from that. Milk harvesting is the icing of the dairy industry and that milking area needs to be friendly for the milker, animals and the equipment.What do you need to know about that low-cost milking parlor?

Know Your Budget

Well, the prices is a factor that everyone will have a look out for any day and having a good financial analysis done may help you determine which parlor will work for you without straining your budget. low cost may be defined as the cumulative cost of labor, facilities and milking that is lower that $ 1 per hundred weight of milk. as such, you will need to build a reasonably sized parlor to avoid extra costs and remain competitive.

Valuation Of Old Equipment

When installing a milking parlor, you may need to include some old equipment. this helps you save on money but you should be keen not to continue what is worn out already. most equipment has a lifespan of 10-20 years and may need to be replaced rather than reused.

Understand The Design And What It Demands

While the design may look appealing on paper, having the parlor on the ground may be a hard nut to crack. it requires a skillful hand and engaging professionals may be the best idea. These experts will help you get the installations done in the shortest time possible without exaggerating the costs.

Milking Parlors Need Ventilation

Ventilation is very essential not only for the animals but also for the preservation of milk and thus needs to be given priority in parlor designs. Proper ventilation helps control air pollutants and moisture. Normally, the ventilation will be determined by the location of the farm and parlor. Areas with cold weather may not pose a huge challenge in terms of fresh air flow, temperature or moisture but those with warm weather would be a little challenging. Be keen to ensure that the right ventilation has been observed.


Milking has always been fun packed and the fun shouldn’t be eliminated by the advent of machines and improved technology. Having the best milking parlor will be one of the ways of ensuring that milking is not only fun packed but also safer, efficient and profitable. Go ahead select the parlor that best suits your needs.