Dairy Milk Preservation: Tasty Healthy Milk Shake

Boost your dairy revenues by adding value to your milk. One of the best dairy milk preservation strategies is making milk shakes. But how do you make milk shakes? Let’s walk through the easy and interesting milk shake making process.

What Is Milk Shake?

Before we can make a milkshake why not discuss what it entails! A milk shake is a delicious ice cream treat. It can be made from iced milk, ice cream or natural milk. In most cases, it will have sweeteners such as caramel sauce, fruit syrup, butterscotch or chocolate syrup.

Types Of Milk Shakes

Milkshakes come in a wide range of selections. These are milkshakes that were traditionally made from all ice cream flavors. The popular flavors include malt powder, malt syrup and chocolate syrup. The flavorings are added before mixing and they give one a wider variety of flavors than handmade shakes.

Milkshakes will come in different varieties and flavors. There are milkshake recipes that will include fruits and no ice cream. Such milkshakes are known as smoothies. These smoothies may use frozen yogurt or sherbet. For malt lovers, a maltshake(malt shake), malted milkshake or simply a malt will do.

Milk Shake Machines

These are machines used to make large scale milkshakes. They are made of metallic cylinders with beaters. They have the capacity to refrigerate and freeze pre-made milkshake mixtures. Normally, the machine will have several tanks. These tanks will determine the flavors that can be made.

The milkshake machines come in different models and sizes. The smallest machines are counter-mounted. These can make one flavor milk shake. They have a 5 L capacity tank. On the other hand, large machines come with multiple 5 L tanks. The many tanks enable the user to make different shake flavors. They are normally floor-mounted.

There are carbon-dioxide based large scale machines that dispense different flavors. The mixing is done during dispensing. Some restaurants also have thick milkshake machines. These are 12 L capacity machines.

How To Make Milk Shake

Making a milkshake is easy. There may be variances in the ingredients when making different flavors but the process is pretty the same. Here’s how to make these delicious treats.

Making your milkshake in a blender

Blenders are commonly used to make thick milk shakes. For such treats, you will need to have ultra-thick ice cream, milk and flavorings. The secret to a creamier shake is using low butterfat ice cream. Light ice cream will make better emulsion with milk.

Run the blender on its lowest speed. Add the ice cream as well as the flavors. Slowly add the milk. This process is similar to that followed when making vinaigrette. The slow action of adding milk gives the two milk products time to blend in seamlessly. Stir while checking the thickness for a velvety texture.

Remember to taste before serving. This helps you make sure that the flavors are right and shine brightly. You wouldn’t want to have a chocolate hake that tastes like vanilla. The adjustments can be made by adding fruit or syrups.

Making Milk Shakes Without A Blender

Having a blender makes your work easy but worry not if you do not have the machine. You can simply shake the ingredients by hand.  The secret here is having a spoon inside the jar. The spoon acts as your ad-hoc mixer.

The shaking can take toll on you. Consider stirring instead and channel in your bartender. A cocktail shaker will work just fine. Remember to let your ice cream sit for 20 minutes out of the freezer before adding it to the mixing vessel.

Stir constantly but slowly while adding small amounts of milk. The principle here doesn’t change, slow but consistent.

You can always make your work easy by using an immersion blender. Have a long jar just to be sure that the contents won’t pour out. Use it on its lowest speed.

Spicing Up Your Milkshake

The fun behind milkshake making is the tweaking of flavors. This is where your creativity kicks in. Do not let anything bar you from making your desired shaker flavors. Grab some frozen fruits such as strawberries and bring them in the mix. There’s no need to thaw them. Just like in frozen yogurt options, the frozen fruits will help blend the milkshake.

Double or triple the flavor to get that exquisite taste. Mix chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup and chocolate milk to satisfy chocolate enthusiasts. You can even top and garnish with the chocolate syrup.

Why not try some flavor combos such as chocolate and mint, chocolate and banana or even chocolate and peanut butter? Its so much fun pairing these flavors. You can try adding tropical fruits such as pineapple, papaya, star fruit and mangoes. Some shakers will even let you add some veggies. You haven’t had the best shake until you tried a creamy avocado milkshake.

Milkshakes Without Ice Cream

Ice cream sounds like the primary ingredient but did you know that you can make tasty treats without it? Well, prove the skeptics wrong by creating satisfying sippers without including ice cream in your recipe. The trick here is dropping a few ice cubes. These are meant to frozen the milk, fruit and syrup. It makes the mixture ultra-creamy. Frozen bananas are also known to play the trick delivering yummy banana shakes.

Making Milkshakes With No Milk

The idea of skipping milk makes one wonder what kind of a shake that would be but why not give it a try? In absence of milk, coffee ice cream kicks in. Chai latte, vanilla or orange may also be used.

Slowly stir the ingredients to get the right consistency. The frozen ice cream will go a long way in making the milk shake smooth and easy to make.


Milkshakes are easy to make and will brighten your day. You can always have them at home or even take the frozen options to the office. Whichever way you love it, you will definitely enjoy the shakes especially those homemade options. Try out the tricks listed herein and make yummy milk shakes that everyone will want to have a taste.