Pure Quality Natural Unbleached Cotton Grade 50 Cheesecloth Reviewed

A busy kitchen has activities that require the use of cheesecloth every single day. Cheesecloth has numerous uses making it very diverse and once you get used to it, you will find it difficult to survive without. It is literally the single piece that you will always find useful in the kitchen and beyond.

Among the many types of cheesecloth, grade 50 cheesecloth and in particular Pure Quality Natural Unbleached Cotton Grade 50 Cheesecloth has time and again proven to be very reliable. It has numerous uses and is very affordable. This review will help you get a better understanding of the cheesecloth.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: 10”x7”x1” (L x H x W)
  • Weight: 0.4 pounds (6.4 ounces)
  • Color: Greige
  • Style: Classic

What makes Pure Quality Natural Unbleached Cotton Grade 50 Cheesecloth special?

Premium quality

This food grade cheesecloth is not only unbleached but is also made from 100% natural cotton fabrics. This literally means that it will be safe to use in all cooking activities and doesn’t transfer any chemicals to your food products. It’s therefore suitable for nut milk straining, cheese making, cooking, basting poultry, baking and canning. You will also get excellent results while removing whey from cheese curds.

Finest 100% natural cotton

A combination of traditional virgin cotton and the latest technology is what pure quality grade 50 cheesecloth has to offer. This cheesecloth is made from the finest 100% natural cotton that is woven into a fine mesh. The quality cotton fabric is lint free and doesn’t leave any residues or deposits. You can thus use it confidently in any recipe.


The grade 50 cheesecloth is not only strong and sturdy but is also durable. It will last long on the counter and also while in use. Nothing beats the joy of knowing your fabric will serve you for a long duration without much care and attention. Its durability also makes it environmental friendly.


Having a cheese cloth that can be used and reused is an added advantage. Such are the cheese cloths that save you money and bring in convenience. You only need to learn how to clean your cheesecloth and you will be enjoying its excellent services whenever the need arises. Luckily, the cheesecloth is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with ease.

You may opt to reuse the cheesecloth in the kitchen or explore other cheesecloth uses outside the kitchen. The grade 50 cheesecloth is quite diverse and it will meet most cheesecloth uses and expectations.

What we do not like about the cheesecloth

Frays when cut

As you may have seen in several reviews, this pure quality natural unbleached cotton grade 50 cheesecloth tends to fray once cut. This may leave you with a mess and also leave pieces in your food.


Pure quality natural unbleached cotton grade 50 cheesecloth stands out as one of the top quality cheesecloths in the market. It is a premium grade cheese cloth and has proven to be very reliable. You will have the freedom to put it into numerous uses and can be sure of getting excellent results. We hope that you will have fun preparing your favorite recipes with this amazing fabric. Let the grade 50 cheesecloth take your culinary skills a notch higher.