The Ultimate Grade 50 Cheesecloth Buying Guide

Cheesecloth happens to be one of the most versatile fabrics in the current era. It has so many uses in the kitchen thus gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of brands. Grade 50 cheesecloth is one of the cheesecloth grades that have proven to be strong, sturdy and very reliable. It has hundreds of uses and leaves ample room for creativity and innovation. The versatile cheesecloth is commonly made from 100% unbleached cotton with its weave measuring 24×28 stitches/threads per square inch. It is the size of the threads that differentiates it from other cheesecloth grades making it distinct and unique.

A comparison of grade 50 vs grade 90 cheesecloth reveals that grade 50 cheesecloth has fewer threads per square inch. This is very significant as it also dictates grade 50 cheesecloth uses. We know that many people have in more than one instance confused the two grades and even found them to be relatively similar but a closer look will see you pick out the differences with ease.

Grade 50 cheesecloth has a wide range of uses. This is a mid-grade cheesecloth making it cut across when it comes to usage. It can comfortably be used to wrap cheese, thicken yogurt, create spice and herb bouquets, wrap meat, strain soup, broth, design cloths, polish surfaces and create Halloween decorations among other uses.

Leading Grade 50 Cheesecloth Brands

1. Pure Quality Natural Unbleached Cotton Grade 50 Cheesecloth

This is one of the fabrics that are designed to ensure that you are having the best cooking experiences. The grade 50 cheesecloth has a plethora of uses especially in the kitchen. It is popularly used in basting poultry, straining soups, making infusions, aging cheese and making herbal sachets among other uses.

The pure quality grade 50 cheesecloth stands out due to its durability. This particular cheese cloth can be used, washed and reused. This is very important to everyone who wants to get the best from every coin spent. The versatile cheesecloth will definitely give you value for money.

The premium quality cheese making cloth delivers excellent quality cheese. The mid-sized gauze allows just enough whey to pass through leaving you with the desired cheese texture. The fact that it is made from 100% natural cotton guarantees you of lint-free cheese. Therefore, you can have your cheese comfortably without worrying about any fibers. Check out the price on Amazon.

2. Organic Wizard Grade 50 Ultra-Fine Mesh Cheesecloth

The organic wizard cheesecloth is made from 100% pure organic and natural cotton. This is a cheese cloth brand that is perfect for cheese making. Its fine mesh makes it suitable for cheese straining as well as cheese aging. Cheese lovers will thus find it to be a very valuable piece in their pantry.

Vegans have found this cheesecloth to be very handy as it not only strains cheese but also offers a wide range of uses. It’s best suited for making nut milk, kombucha and tofu. This is not to mention other uses such as straining broth, squeezing fruit and vegetable juice, straining yogurt and sprouting beans.

You will also find the cheesecloth to be useful outside the kitchen. It’s commonly used in Halloween decorations. The cheese cloth comes in handy in making or pumpkin mummies, ghosts, spider webs and scary costumes. It will definitely bring the thrill that comes with Halloween celebrations. Check out the price on Amazon.

3. Arkwright 70 Yards Grade 50 Bleached Cheesecloth

The Arkwright cheese cloth is one of the outstanding bleached cheesecloths in the market. This cheese cloth is thoroughly tested and has proven to be highly durable. It’s cheesecloth that has warmed users’ hearts including artists. The piece of fabric is not only outstanding in straining cheese but also in making unique art pieces. Designers use it to bring their art to life by providing the best polishes as well as finishes.

The grade 50 cheesecloth is made from 100% cotton. The cotton is bleached and can be washed and reused. It’s absorbent thus the ideal cheesecloth for making cottage cheese and soy milk. Other uses for the grade 50 cheesecloth include filtering, cooking, staining, straining as well as decorating. It would serve as a butter muslin alternative. Check price on Amazon.

4. Whitewrap Unbleached Grade 50 Cheesecloth

The 100% natural unbleached cotton cheesecloth is lint free and offers multiple layers of filtration. The cheese cloth adopts a simple design that enables the user to clean and re-use. It is sturdy and long lasting thus giving you value for money.

The cheesecloth is environmentally friendly. Its organic and unbleached fabric makes it food friendly and can comfortably be used in most cooking activities. You will feel reasonably assured of toxic free foods as it doesn’t dispose any foreign chemicals in the food. All you need to care about is fraying the ends especially when cutting the cheesecloth into pieces. Poor cutting may result in some threads being left in your food.

The Whitewrap grade 50 cheesecloth has numerous uses. Some of the common uses include cleaning, cooking, straining, polishing, wrapping fruits, basting poultry and staining among others. You will find it to be useful inside and outside the kitchen.

5. Primtex 70 Yards Grade 50 Cheesecloth

This is medium weave mesh cheesecloth that is made from top quality 100% natural cotton. The purified cotton is not only strong but also very durable. It will therefore allow you to use it and even reuse. With a thorough cleaning, the cheesecloth can be reused severally delivering the desired results.

The primtex grade 50 cheesecloth is highly absorbent. This simply means that it soaks up liquids easily. This is a very good characteristic of cheesecloth intended to strain soft cheese such as camembert, brie, Philadelphia or burrata cheese.

The grade 50 cheesecloth is quite versatile and offers the user a wide range of options. Other than straining cheese, the cheesecloth may also be used to make wine, strain citrus fruits, clean surfaces, stain surfaces, makes syrups and other culinary uses.


Everyone loves cheese and learning how to make it at home makes it even lovelier. One of the items that will make it seamless to prepare the best homemade cheese is the grade 50 cheesecloth. This cheesecloth is popularly used to make fresh soft and semi-soft cheese. This is the cheese that has high moisture content and spreads with ease.

With this piece of fabric, you will be guaranteed of easy straining and excellent results. We hope that the guide above will help you get a better understanding of this amazing fabric. You can also check out our review of the best grade 50 cheesecloths to help you make the right decision.