Best Cheesecloth Grades-Grade 100 Cheesecloth

Is Grade 100 Cheesecloth The Best Cheesecloth Grade?

Yes. Grade 100 cheesecloth ranks among the best cheesecloth grades. The finer the weave, the better the cheesecloth and grade 100 happens to be the finest weave. In fact, it’s finer than grade 90 cheesecloth. Comparing grade 100 cheesecloth vs. grade 90 cheesecloth reveals few differences but the fact remains that grade 100 cheesecloth is finer and may easily rank as the best cheesecloth in the market. Of course, this will depend on the intended use considering that different cheesecloths are designed to meet different straining needs.

What Is Grade 100 Cheesecloth?

Before we dig in deeper, let’s understand the basics. Grade 100 cheesecloth is a fine mesh cheesecloth measuring 54×46 threads per inch. This is a very dense weave that guarantees zero escapes. It is for this specific reason that pro cooks and chefs go for this fine cheese cloth. Its unique combination of absorbency, strength, purity and softness makes it stand out when compared with other cheese cloths in the market.

What Is Grade 100 Cheesecloth Used For?

Grade 100 cheese cloth is primarily used to make cheese. It’s also used in a variety of tasks, most of which involve cooking. The cheesecloth is popularly used in straining fluids/soups, thickening yoghurt, straining nut milk, making table runners, bundling herbs, making ghee and making tofu. Being a dense fabric, the cheesecloth is also used in making shirts. Summer shirts, blouses and skirts are commonly made using this fabric.

Is Grade 100 Cheesecloth Better Than Grade 90 Cheesecloth?

Yes. We can comfortably say this without any doubt. Grade 100 cheesecloth is currently the best cheesecloth in the market. The purpose of any cheesecloth is straining and as at that point, grade 100 cheesecloth does it best. The fine weave makes it possible to use a single strand and still receive the best results. Grade 90 on the other hand would require you to fold to get similar results. This means that you would use more of the cheesecloth thus a higher cost.

Can You Re-Use Grade 100 Cheesecloth?

Grade 100 cheesecloth is definitely reusable. You only need to clean it with a food-safe mild detergent and warm water, let it dry and re-use. The tight fabric makes it possible to re-use the cheese cloth severally. It hardly frays and will not leave any residue in your food. It’s however necessary to exercise caution when cleaning the cheesecloth. Some detergents may transfer flavors to the fabric. Such flavor will eventually be transferred to your food.

What Is Grade 100 Cheesecloth Made Of?

Grade 100 cheese cloth, just like most cheesecloth grades, is made of pure cotton woven into a fine gauze fabric. This makes it very light to touch and has a characteristic airy texture. The grade determines the fabric’s rating and durability and this premium grade has been proven to be very sturdy, durable and reliable. The tight and dense weave means that fluids will penetrate slowly and only the very light fluids will go through the fine gauze. Its retention rate is very high and will give a very thick residue.


Grade 100 cheesecloth is a modern, versatile and trendy fabric that every kitchen should have. Whether domestic or commercial, you will find this cheese cloth to be very helpful especially when it comes to straining of fluids. The fabric will make it easy to prepare outstanding culinary delights that will blow everyone’s minds. Right from tasty cheese cakes to smooth yogurt smoothies, you’ll be mesmerized at what grade 100 cheesecloth can help you achieve.