Best Cheesecloth For Cooking-Grade 100 Cheesecloth Reviewed

What comes to your mind when you see cheesecloth listed in your recipe? A number of chefs have confessed that they first wondered where they will really need it. That changed gradually as they got to know the numerous uses for cheesecloth. They’ve now come to love this amazing fabric to the extent that they cannot prepare any meal without using cheesecloth.

This makes it necessary to understand the best cheesecloth for cooking. Grade 100 cheesecloth being the finest grade easily wins as the best cheesecloth for cooking. However, it’s not every brand that will give you the best results. We have tested some of the popular grade 100 cheesecloth brands and outlined the best of the best. Here’s a review of the best grade 100 cheesecloths for cooking.

Best Overall Grade 100 Cheesecloth

Cotton Farm Grade 100 Ultra-Durable, Reusable Cheesecloth

The cotton farm grade 100 cheesecloth is the pioneer cheesecloth in the grade 100 cheesecloth category. It is the precision strainer that every household needs. The pure grade cheesecloth is perfectly suited for diverse uses in the kitchen such as straining foods and liquids. Some of the popular uses include straining wine, sauces, fruit juice, tea, nut milk, yogurt, honey, vegetables, jelly, soup, butter, kombucha and coffee.

Unique Features And Characteristics

1. Extra-fine And Sturdy Cotton Yarns

The premium grade 100 cheese cloth is crafted from pure grade Mediterranean cotton yarns. This makes it extra fine, sturdy and tight. This is the kind of cheesecloth you’d be looking for when looking forward to perfectly strained Greek yogurt. Unlike regular cheesecloths, the tight weave allows only the whey (liquid) to pass through. The result is a thick base that easily beats the commercial brands available in the local stores. Of course this may take some time given the fact that the whey will strain slowly given the tight weave but the result is worth the wait.

2. Versatile Easy To Cut Fabric

This food grade cheesecloth is quite versatile. It’s packed in convenient 1 x 1 yard pieces that may be used as they are or cut into pieces. The tight weave is sturdy enough to allow you to cut the cheesecloth into pieces without fraying. However, you need to be careful to cut along the threads. Failing to do so would leave hanging threads thus fraying the cheesecloth.

3. Hemmed Edges

You may use and re-use the cheesecloth severally especially if it’s used as it is. The 1 x 1 yard size cheesecloth has two hemmed edges. It will thus remain in one piece even after use and cleaning.

Product Description

  • Material: 100% pure natural cotton
  • Size: 36” x 36” x 0.01”(L x W x H)
  • Weight:  1.76 ounces (0.05 kgs)
  • Color: natural beige
  • Style: Mesh strainer


  • Very high quality
  • Its quite huge
  • It’s strong and sturdy
  • It is re-usable


  • Only two sides are hemmed
  • It frays when cut into pieces

Best-Selling Grade 100 Cheesecloth

Olicity 20×20 Inch Hemmed Grade 100 Cheesecloth

The unbleached pre-cut Olicity grade 100 cheesecloth is one of the best-selling cheesecloths. The cheesecloth is as natural as it looks. It’s made from 100 % natural cotton. The cotton is neither bleached nor dyed.  This makes it the perfect cheesecloth for your cooking needs. Of-course it will serve other purposes but you will love it more when cooking. You can comfortably strain your soups, broth, nut milk, cheese or even bundle your herbs. The cheesecloth will be available for all these uses and even more way beyond the kitchen.

Unique Features And Characteristics

1. Humanized design

A number of features have made it very popular among cheese makers. One of such features is the humanized design. The cheesecloth comes in  20 X 20 inch pieces eliminating the need to cut it into pieces. If you need multiple layers, you can easily fold the fabric or stack a number of cheesecloths. This way, you will achieve the desired results without destroying your cheesecloth.

2. Lint-free Finish

We’ve found Olicity grade 100 cheesecloth to be lint free. Unlike the traditional cheesecloths that would leave fabrics and residues in your food, this cheesecloth has all its threads tightly held together. The hemming on its edges secures every thread thus giving you the guarantee of lint free finishes. The fabric is also strong and sturdy and will hardly disintegrated even after using the cheese cloth severally.

3. Easily Re-usable

This cheesecloth is re-usable. The hemmed cheesecloth can be washed easily using food-safe detergents and re-used when dry. Amazingly, the quality of the cheesecloth is not compromised during the cleaning process. So long as the right cleaning detergent is used and the right cleaning procedure is followed, you will be guaranteed of the best quality cheesecloth after every cleaning session. You may check out our guide on how to clean cheesecloth to help you extend the life of your precious strainer.

Product Description

  • Material: 100% pure cotton
  • Size: 4 x 3 x 0.8 (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces (0.12 kgs)
  • Color: unbleached


  • Excellent hemming thus holds up in the wash
  • It’s sturdy and nicely designed
  • Delivers value for money.
  • It can be reused after washing


    • It drains very slowly
    • It’s considerably light

Best Precut Grade 100 Cheesecloth

Sceng Precut 15” x 15” 4 Pack Ultra-Fine Cheesecloth

Sceng precut grade 100 cheesecloth ranks among the best combed cheesecloths in the market. Its made from 100% natural combed cotton. This is the cotton that is considered to have almost no cotton seed. The combing process removes impurities delivering smooth yarn which is ductile with lower percentage of pilling.

Unique Features And Characteristics

1. Perfect Precut Design

We all want cheesecloth that is easy and ready to use. The hassle and bustle of cutting and layering cheesecloths just to get the perfect strainer is too much and consumes a lot of time. Luckily, Sceng has our needs close at heart. They have not only designed one of the best grade 100 cheesecloths but has ensured that they are packed in perfect pre-cut 15 x 15 square finishes. The perfect design makes the cheesecloth appropriate for cooking and straining needs.

The pre-cut feature makes this cheesecloth very unique. This is exactly what it means by ready to use cheesecloth. Many chefs and cooks complain about fraying cheesecloths especially after cutting into pieces. Well, this wasn’t be the case when using this grade 100 pre-cut cheesecloth. We easily used multiple layers when straining our food and the result was a perfect finish.

2. Tight And Sturdy Weave

The Sceng grade 100 cheesecloth has a considerably tight weave. This enables it to trap even the smallest impurities. It hardly leaked especially when folded or layered. If you need to strain in a hurry, this may not be the cheesecloth for you. The tighter the weave, the long you need to wait for all the fluid to be strained. However, this shouldn’t really worry you as it saves you the need to strain severally.

3. Well Stitched Edges

The Sceng grade 100 cheesecloth is nicely stitched to reinforce the edge. The stitching is intended to maintain the cheesecloth in one piece while in use and even during the cleaning process. With such outstanding designs, you will rest assured that the cheesecloth wont fray. Your food will thus be safe and lint free.

Product Description

  • Size: 15” x 15” x 4” (L x W x H )
  • Weight: 1.44 ounces (0.04 kgs)
  • Color: Beige


  • It’s cut into favorable and usable sizes
  • It has a nicely woven high quality mesh
  • Its stitched edges make it easy to use
  • The unbleached cotton is safe for all cooking needs.


  • It’s not dishwasher safe


We all want to get value for our money. It doesn’t matter whether we are spending much or little money on the cheesecloth. The goal is to get the best out of it and in the simplest way. We’ve found grade 100 cheesecloth to be very friendly and durable. We can comfortably say that this cheesecloth grade has given us value for money. We have no doubt that it will also serve especially in your cooking escapades and give you value for your money.

We’ve tested the grade 100 cheesecloth brands reviewed above and found them to be the best in this cheesecloth grade category. These are the cheesecloths that will perfectly be used as muslin cloth substitutes as their fabric is tightly woven. They will therefore serve every purpose muslin cloth is intended to serve in the kitchen. You will have fun using these cheesecloths to cook your favorite meals and try out new recipes.