Arkwright 70 Yards Grade 50 Bleached Cheesecloth Reviewed

Buying any cheesecloth gives the guarantee of more than one use. One of the cheesecloth grades that will offer you numerous options is the grade 50 cheesecloth. Among the leading brands is the Arkwright 70 Yards Grade 50 Bleached Cheesecloth which is not only extra-large but will also handle any task thrown at it.

The Arkwright 70 Yards Grade 50 Bleached Cheesecloth is lower grade cheesecloth compared to grade 90 cheesecloth. However, this doesn’t stop it from delivering excellent results. In fact, quite a number of chefs prefer using this cheesecloth as its wider gauze allows fluids to flow faster. This saves them time as they strain fluids and press juices. There are numerous uses for cheesecloth that it will handle with ease thus saving time without compromising the quality.

Product Description

  • Size: 20.5”X9.5”X5”
  • Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: White

What We Love About This Grade 50 Cheesecloth

Arkwright Cheesecloths provide you with the perfect touch of bleached cheesecloths in the market. These cheesecloths are unique and have been tried, tested and proven to deliver excellent results. Some of the unique features you will find in the Arkwright 70 Yards Grade 50 Bleached Cheesecloth include;

1. Premium Quality

The main reason why one would buy one cheesecloth brand over and over is the quality. It is the quality that will determine the experience you will have with the fabric. It will also determine the quality of the final product. Its thus very important that one settles on premium quality cheesecloth and Arkwright grade 50 cheesecloth has proved to be one of such cheesecloths. The bleached 100% cotton fabric definitely gives the user value for their money.

2. Super Large 70 Square Yards (630 Square Feet)

What better way to give value for money than delivering the best cheesecloth in a huge roll? Well, Arkwright has your back when it comes to generosity. The cheesecloth clearly stands out. While its competitor’s measure 2-3 yards, this 70 yard cheesecloth will let you sit back and enjoy preparing every recipe without the worry of running out of this precious fabric.

3. Durable And Sturdy

The fact that grade 50 cheesecloth is a lower grade cheesecloth compared to grade 90 or grade100 cheesecloth doesn’t mean that it is of a lower quality. The cheesecloth is made from 100% natural cotton which is very strong. This makes it possible to undertake different tasks using this cheesecloth without necessarily having many layers.

4. Washable And Reusable

The ability to use and re-use the cheesecloth is brought about by its sturdy design. This cheesecloth is washable and can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. Follow this guide to learn how you can clean your cheesecloth and save money.

What We Do Not Like About Arkwright 70 Yards Grade 50 Bleached Cheesecloth

1. Loose Weave

We had fun using and reusing this cheesecloth and had a lot to celebrate about its quality and versatility. However, we didn’t like the fact that its weave is not very fine. This meant that one needed to use several layers to get the desired texture especially when straining cheese.


Different cheesecloth grades have different uses. However, some uses overlap and can thus be handled and completed successfully using different cheesecloth grades. The difference will only be seen in the quality or the number of layers needed to complete the task.

Grade 50 cheesecloths have proven to have an edge in the market due to their versatility. The Arkwright 70 Yards Grade 50 Bleached Cheesecloth particularly boasts of strong and sturdy fabrics that makes it very versatile and dynamic. We had fun using it and would definitely recommend it to all users. With this cheesecloth, you will be guaranteed of fun and seamless operation while preparing different recipes.