Different Cheesecloth Grades And Their Use

Cheesecloth, as the name suggests, was originally designed to age and make  cheese. Over the years, cheesecloth has warmed people’s hearts across the globe and its uses have also multiplied. Cheese cloths are now used in almost every industry. Well, the diversified usage calls for different cheesecloth grades and there’s no shortage of these grades.

The Common Cheesecloth Grades

Cheesecloth grades vary based on the number of threads used per square inch. The variety includes; Grade 10, Grade 40, grade 50, grade 60, Grade 80 and grade 90 cheesecloth.

The grade means all the difference in cheese cloth thus explaining the varying cheesecloth uses. These grades include;

1.      Grade 10 (#10) Cheesecloth

This is the cheesecloth whose weave is 12*20 threads per square inch. It’s renowned for its fast draping owing to the loose weave that allows efficient airflow. It tends to be airy, light and gauzy.

Grade 10 cheesecloth Uses

  1. This makes it popular in Halloween decorations.
  2. Designers also use it in rustic wedding décor.

2.      Grade 40 (#40) Cheesecloth

This cheesecloth is a little finer compared to grade 10. Its weave count is 12*24 threads in every square inch. This is grouped in the medium grade cheese cloth category. It ranks among the type of cheese cloth that has a considerably high absorbing capacity.

Common Uses For Grade 40 Chesecloth

  1. It is durable and is commonly used in the kitchen for cooking, basting, straining and squeezing juices.
  2. Its also used in polishing surfaces, faux painting and wiping surfaces.

3.      Grade 50 (#50) Cheesecloth

This is the medium grade cheesecloth that brings in the compromise for those who don’t want to have open fabric offered by grade 10 yet aren’t comfortable with the fine gauze given by grade 90. The thread count per inch is 28*24. This makes it a little finer than grade 40.

Grade 50 Cheesecloth Uses

It is commonly used in;

  1. wedding decors
  2. cooking
  3. draping
  4. polishing
  5. cleaning
  6. straining

4.      Grade 60 (#60) Cheesecloth

Grade 60 is slightly different from grade 50. Its thread count is 32*28 per square inch. It’s the best definition of high quality medium grade cheesecloth.

Grade 60 Uses

This makes it suitable for use in;

  1. Cooking
  2. Straining
  3. Wedding décor
  4. Crafts
  5. Staining

5.      Grade 80 (# 80) Cheesecloth

The fine weave grade 80 cheesecloth has 40*32 threads in every square inch. This gives it extra fine mesh that can comfortably sieve even the smallest particles. The fine weave also makes the fabric very strong and durable.

The cheesecloth can be used several times(Recycled and re-used). It’s easy to wash and reuse.

Uses of Grade 80 Cheesecloth

  1. Cheese making
  2. Cooking
  3. Straining and filtering
  4. Crafting
  5. Staining
  6. Dress making

6.      Grade 90 (# 90) Cheesecloth

Grade 90 ranks as the finest grade. Its thread count in every square inch is 44*36. This makes it very fine. The huge number of threads also makes the fabric very strong and durable. This characteristic gives it great versatility thus its use in numerous areas.

Uses of Grade 90 cheesecloth

  1. The cheesecloth can be used as bandages
  2. Used in making of tea bags
  3. Makes excellent mosquito nets
  4. Useful in cooking
  5. reliable filter
  6. Cheese making
  7. Used in dress making
  8. Functions as butter muslin
  9. Used for binding

It is very durable and can be washed and reused for a number of times before it’s rendered useless.


Cheesecloth grades make all the difference in the cheesecloth and the quality of output. These grades ranging from the lowest, grade 10, to the highest, grade 90, have various uses and you can always select the grade that is best suited or your needs.

We hope that our analysis helps you make better and informed decisions when buying your cheesecloth. You can also check out some of the best cheesecloths that we have reviewed for excellent results inside and outside your kitchen.