The Ultimate Cheesecloth Buying Guide

Millions of cheese lovers desire to make their cheese at home. However, not many know the secret behind making excellent cheese, the cheesecloth. This unique fabric works all the magic in the cheesemaking process. We are revealing this secret and helping you stay ahead of the pack by publishing this cheesecloth buying guide that will not only help you settle on the best cheese cloth but will also help you know the difference.

What Is Cheesecloth?

Cheesecloth is a loose woven gauzy fabric that is normally designed into a huge roll. It is normally used to age cheese. Additionally, it delivers excellent results when used in other activities such as basting turkey/poultry, strain broth, stain, make Halloween decorations, wedding drapes, summer dressed, mosquito nets and polishing surfaces among other use.

Buying the best cheesecloth can be very intimidating especially if its your first time. There is so much that you need to know about these cloths. You need to know about the different filter cloth grades, types, sizes and uses. You also need to know where to buy cheesecloth near you. Spare a few minutes and let us guide you on how to settle for the best fabric that will give you value for money as outlined in the cheesecloth buying guide below.

Cheese Cloth Buying Guide

Before purchasing your cheese cloth, it is important that you understand the different gauze characteristics, the types and the uses. This will help you make an informed decision. Let’s help you understand each of these aspects in depth.

Cheese Cloth Characteristics

Cheesecloth is simple yet very efficient. Its efficiency can be linked to its unique characteristics that make it that make it distinct from other pieces of fabric. These characteristics include;

1.       Loose Weave

Cheese cloth is loosely woven thus very light. This makes it very efficient in sieving liquids. The loose weave brings in the desired mesh effect. Liquids flow freely leaving the thicker cheese matter. This is also vital in broth and soup making. It is the same characteristic that makes it useful in dressing of wounds.

The loose weave facilitates efficient cheese aging by allowing sufficient air flow. You will therefore have uniformly aged cheese.

2.       Undyed Fabric

The natural undyed fiber makes this piece of fabric very unique. Handling requires ultimate care. Having a piece of fabric that doesn’t transfer dye and any other contaminants to the food is a major advantage. The cheese makers are undyed thus ensuring no dye transfer to the dairy products.

3.       Absence Of Chemical Binders

Cheesecloth is naturally made. This means that no chemical binders are used in the production. This goes a long way in ensuring that the filter cloth has no impurities. The final product will thus be safe and healthy.

4.       Unbleached Fabric

The whitish outlook of the gauze may make on think that the fabric is bleached. Surprisingly, the cheese cloth isn’t bleached. Bleach and other agents aren’t safe for human consumption. It is thus discouraged that one uses bleach to clean their gauze.

However, there are some bleaches that are approved for use in the kitchen. You can learn more about kitchen safe bleaches and safe ways of cleaning your cheesecloth in our earlier publication.

5.       Made Of 100% Cotton

All cheesecloth manufacturers use cotton to make their fabric. There’s a good reason for this. Cotton has unique characteristics that makes it distinct from other materials. Cotton is known to have high absorbent capacity. This however doesn’t affect its breathing capabilities.

Cotton can withstand heat, bleach and detergents. It can thus be used over and over without getting deformed. This is a characteristic everyone wants to have in their re-usable cheese maker.

What Defines The Best Cheesecloth?

Getting the best cheesecloth isn’t a walk in the park. There are thousands of cheesecloth options to choose from. You therefore need to know exactly what works out for you and the gauze that will give you the best results. For the best filter cloth, check out for;

        I.            Versatility/Usage

Cheese cloth has numerous uses. You thus need to ensure that the piece of fabric you are spending your money on is versatile. This is a piece that can serve more than one purpose.

The excellent gauze should be able to age your cheese, strain soup, bundle herbs and even make mosquito nets when the need arises.

      II.            Quality

Every one wants to have the best quality products. Well, its also worth noting that every manufacturer will claim that their product is the best quality you can ever get. Determining the best quality gauze is therefore very important.

You need to ensure that you are getting the best quality cheesecloth. This will not only give you value for money but will also guarantee the best results. The best quality cheese cloth is one that has all the characteristics described above.

    III.            Price

Every purchase has a price factor and everyone wants to buy what they can afford without breaking bank. Product pricing is determined by many factors. While the price may be driven by market factors of demand and supply, the price may also be directly related to the quality, size and versatility of the product.

The cheesecloth price will be vital in determining the piece of fabric that you will be buying. You need something that will give you the best results at an affordable price. Luckily, there are all categories of cheese cloth ranging from cheap to the high-end gauzes. The wide variety accommodates all users.

    IV.            Size

Cheese cloths comes in different sizes. They can basically be classified in two categories i.e. medium and large. You do not want to buy the piece that you do not need. Its thus imperative that you determine the gauze needs before making a purchase.

Buying a huge filter cloth may be an added advantage. Though you may not use it all at once, you can always keep it for later use. The fabric is long lasting and can last for many years if stored in a cool and dry place.

       V.            Availability

The availability of cheesecloth is yet another factor to consider when buying your gauze. Some manufacturers aren’t very reliable. You will thus find their product supply fluctuating from time to time. It is advisable that you settle on a brand that won’t frustrate you.

No one wants to place an order only to find that the product is no longer available. It’s a waste of time and can be very frustrating.

    VI.            Grade

The grading system used in determining different types of cheese cloth ranges from grade 10 to grade 90. These grades are distinguished by the number of threads in every square inch.

The low-grade cheesecloth (grade 10) have few threads per square inch. The high-grade cheesecloth (grade 90) on the other hand has numerous threads in every square inch.

It is the fabric grade that determines the sieving capabilities of the gauze. The low-grade cheese cloth (loose weave) have large holes. This means that they will allow fluids to flow through quite fast. Fine solid particles may also penetrate. The high grade (fine weave) cheesecloth on the other hand have very tiny holes. They will be slow at sieving thick liquids but delivers excellent results.