Outdoor Cheesecloth Uses That Will Boost Your Farm Profit

Cheesecloth is renowned for its immense cheese making options. Over the years, it has proven to be one of the items that every home needs. Well, its versatility makes it useful not only in the kitchen but also in the farm. In fact, you may have more to do with this fabric in the garden than in the kitchen.

Having said that, its important to not that different types of cheesecloth will serve different purposes. The cheesecloth that is best suited to sprout seeds may not be the best to make compost tea. However, it doesn’t hurt to experiment. You will learn and probably discover something that no one did. Here are amazing outdoor cheesecloth uses in the farm that you never knew.

1.      Keeping Off Critters From The Farm

All your effort, time and resources will go to waste if you do not have a reliable way of stopping critters from invading your farm. With the use of cheesecloth, you can deter these critters from invading your farm. All you need is a stick and a piece of cheesecloth. Tie the cheesecloth to a stick and add a little ammonia. This will keep the critters at bay effortlessly.

2.      Making Compost Tea

Growing healthy foods naturally is now the order of the day. If you have tried green farming, you probably use compost tea. Having cheesecloth in your farm will make it easier for you to make the compost tea. You just need to have some natural fertilizer in its liquid form and a piece of cheesecloth.

3.      Cheesecloth For Traditional Row Cover

Most plants, especially vegetables need to be covered to protect them from natural elements and insects. The use of cheesecloth as row covers comes in handy in ensuring that you are protecting your crop. The cheesecloth will be reusable thus can be used for several seasons. Having cheese cloth will leave you at an advantage as you can extend the season in fall and spring.

4.      Support Young Trees And Shrubs

Young shrubs and trees need support while being established in seedbeds or after transplanting. Cheesecloth is quite soft and friendly. It can therefore be used to make strips that can come in handy in tying the trees and shrubs to maintain the upright position. You may also use cheese cloth strips to keep older shrubs in place during winter thus avoid heaving.

5.      Making Shades/Screens

Greenhouse farming is very profitable but only if you can control bugs from entering the greenhouse. In the course of lifting the covers to allow light into the greenhouse, bugs may enter and wreak havoc. One of the sure ways of ensuring that this doesn’t happen is having cheesecloth hanging at the greenhouse window.

6.      Garden Mulching

Mulching is very essential in water conservation. Many farmers have a rough time trying to retain water in their soil simply because they do not have the appropriate mulching material. Well, cheesecloth will play the trick for you.


7.      Sprouting Micro Greens

Micro greens are essential in salad making. Getting them from the market isn’t cheap thus the need to hack a trick of making them at home. All you need is a jar and a piece of cheesecloth. Replace the top insert of the jar with the piece of cheese cloth to make a home-sprouter. Soak the seeds (beans) and rinse them twice per day. In a few days sprouts will emerge and you will have fresh and healthy micro greens for your salads.

8.      Deter Deer

Cheesecloth may be used to deter deer from entering the farm. Deer tend to destroy farm produce by eating the soft shoots. Tie some strong scented pieces of soap with a cheese cloth and hand them at different corners of the farm. This should be enough to scare away the deer.

9.      Prevent Leafy Green Vegetables From Bug Infestation

Insects are quite essential in pollination but it’s not every plant that needs pollination. Leafy green plants may not need these insects. They can thus be covered with cheesecloth to keep off the insects. This will produce high quality leafy vegetables that will fetch good returns in the market. This is a healthy way of controlling these insects.

10. Strain Berries To Make Jellies And Jam

Once your berries are ready, you can easily make jams and jellies from the comfort of your home. Cheesecloth will help you strain the jam to get high quality finishes.


Cheesecloth has hundreds of uses. This may explain why it has been in existence for years and still remains to be a darling for many. You will find it in almost every home and it not only in the kitchen but also in the farms.

We have just discussed the basic outdoor uses of cheesecloth but you can be sure that there are a more uses. You can also explore more cheese cloth uses in our detailed publication. This is indeed one of those items that you will need round the clock. Having it will save you money and also play a major role in boosting your returns.

Just ensure that you are getting the right cheesecloth for the specific purpose as different cheese cloths will have different features and characteristics.