The 10 Hilarious Substitution For Cheesecloth That Actually Work!

Cheesecloth has proven to be one of the kitchen essentials that will literally become useful in almost all recipes. Whether you need to strain cheese, soup, almond milk, broth, basting poultry, tie herbs, make ghee, make tofu, clean utensils, polish surfaces, make decorations or even design table runners, you will find cheesecloth to be very valuable. If you happen to have none left in your pantry, you can always try the unusual substitution for cheesecloth. You will be surprised at how effective they can be. What can I use instead of cheesecloth? Here are the top 10 cheesecloth substitutions that will warm your heart.

1. Pantyhose

Pantyhose tops the list of the unusual cheesecloth substitutes that actually work. This piece of fabric has found a safe space in women’s lives and this is an opportunity for me to use them too. The fine mesh has proven to be very reliable when it comes to straining. Well, there are other cheesecloth uses that you can find it relevant but straining stands out.

Pantyhose and tights have very fine weave. This makes them a substitute for fine grade cheesecloth. You will have an easy time creating bouquet garni with your favorite herbs. All you need to do is ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned the pantyhose. With the right food-grade detergents, you can clean and even reuse the pantyhose for other cooking tasks.

2. A Pillowcase

Pillowcases support our heads perfectly for sweet and memorable dreams. In the same way, they will support and strain your soup ensuring you achieve your dream consistency. Don’t let that extra pillowcase sit idle. You can always use it as a cheesecloth substitute in the kitchen and beyond. The hack here is ensuring that the fabric is pulled taut. The results will mesmerize you.

The good thing about using pillowcase as a substitution for cheesecloth is that it can be reused countless times. The fabric is strong and sturdy giving you the advantage of using it without worrying about frays. With this, you may actually forget about the low-grade cheesecloths.

3. Socks

The dresser drawers are definitely the last place you would head to when looking for cheesecloth substitutes but guess what, it has more than you can choose from. Ever thought of using socks to prepare your meals? I neither did until when I realized how effective they can be. Well, some people would rather forego the meal than have the thought of their worn socks going into their food. The secret here is hygiene. Ensure that the socks are well laundered before introducing them into the kitchen. You may as well get new socks.

When shopping for socks that you intend to use as a substitute for cheesecloth, go for cotton socks. These will work perfectly unlike the thick wool socks. They can be used to tie herbs or make small spice pouches to season your soup.

4. Medical Gauze

This is not a reserve for the medics. Your can as well use it to doctor your recipes and treat your family to some of the healthiest means. The medical gauze resembles cheesecloth and can even be mistaken for the same. The notable similarities make the gauze a perfect substitution for cheesecloth.

The medical gauze has a weave that is considerably thinner compared to cheesecloth. You may therefore need to layer it to achieve the desired results. Its also important to note that the weave is also looser than that of cheesecloth.

Unlike the other cheesecloth substitutes mentioned above, medical gauze may not be reused. You may need to throw it away after a single use as re-using it doesn’t deliver desirable results.

5. Cotton Handkerchiefs

Just as it blows your nose, a cotton handkerchief will blow your mind when it comes to straining. Typical handkerchiefs are made from linen but you wouldn’t have a rough time getting cotton handkerchiefs. These pieces of fabric have very fine weave. This would makes them a perfect substitute for cheesecloth when preparing soft cheese, light soup or broth.

When it comes to comparing the cost when considering substitution for cheesecloth, cotton handkerchiefs tend to stand out. They are not only cheap but also readily available in the market. The only challenge is their size. Handkerchiefs are generally small in size and will limit you to small portions.

6. Diaper Cloth

This is yet another piece of fabric that will ensure that you are not making a mess in your kitchen. The diaper cloth has proven time and again to be a reliable cheesecloth alternative. Just as it is useful with kids, diaper cloths will never let you down in straining tasks. Of course, it needs to be new.

7. Flour Sack

Flour sacks are mainly made from cotton and anything cotton seems to play the cheesecloth substitute role very well. Do not get stranded looking for cheesecloth alternatives when you have these sacks in your store. Grab one, clean it thoroughly and start straining like you always did. You can be sure of getting the desired results at the end of the day.

8. Sheer Curtains

When thinking about cheesecloth substitutes, sheer curtains may never cross your mind. Wait until you give them a try. They will open doors into a world of explorations and imaginations. There is so much that you can achieve with this piece of fabric. Literally, you can do all the straining tasks just like you would with cheesecloth.

9. Bandana

Bandanas are popular among youths. They are used to cover the lower part of the face giving a stylish look. Being a stylish fabric, it will bring style and efficiency in bundling herbs as a substitution for cheesecloth. This piece of fabric, also known as kerchief, is finely woven and will thus substitute the fine grade cheesecloth such as grade 90 cheesecloth.

10. Paper Towels

I’m sure you are wondering how paper towels can be used to play the role of cheesecloth in food preparations. In this case, we are talking about high grade paper towels. These are towels that do not soak and disintegrate when wet. The towels will strain soup, cheese and even broth with ease. You may need to combine them with a sieve to make them sturdier.


Having tried making cheesecloth at home, I’m sure you have experimented with different cheesecloth grades. Surprisingly, there is an alternative for every cheesecloth grade. I’m sure you wondered why we didn’t mention muslin in the 10 hilarious substitutions for cheesecloth. Its not because its not hilarious but because we have given it a deeper analysis here.

You can be sure that there are other cheesecloth alternatives that will come in handy in the kitchen and beyond. Some alternatives will be obvious while others will catch you by surprise.

Can you reuse cheesecloth alternatives? Of course, all the above-mentioned cheesecloth alternatives can be reused. You just need to settle on the best, learn how to re-use cheesecloth alternatives and make the best of these cheesecloth substitutes. You just can’t lack reliable options. We’ve got your back.