Mastitis In Cows Natural Treatment Without Antibiotics

Mastitis is not only one of the common dairy cow diseases but is also the most costly dairy cow disease. Mastitis accounts for over a billion dollars in dairy farms losses annually. In proves to be a major challenge to both conventional and organic dairy farm.

Mastitis can either be chronic, clinical or subclinical. Regardless of the form, mastitis needs to be treated. There are several procedures used to treat mastitis. Some of the most effective treatments for mastitis are the natural remedies.

What Is The Effective Mastitis In Cows Treatment?

Cows, just like human beings, have an immune system. This immune system is equipped to eliminate infections. This is the natural way of keeping the cow clean and healthy. The immune system has its challenges. When weakened, it will be infiltrated by numerous diseases and mastitis is one of such diseases.

A cow’s immune system cannot prevent all mastitis cases. When mastitis affects your dairy cows, you need to seek effective mastitis in cows natural treatment. These are mastitis treatment remedies that do not involve the use of antibiotics. Some of the renowned natural treatment for mastitis include; antioxidants, homeopathy, biologics such as cell extracts and antisera, vitamins and minerals, conventional fluid and aspirin, herbs (aloe, tinctures and garlic) and topical (essential oils).

Homeopathy Treatment For Mastitis In Dairy Cows

Homeopathy and homeopathic treatment remedies have gained popularity across the globe as mastitis in cows natural treatment. These remedies are considered to be cheap, easy to use and tend to be very effective. Research has shown that homeopathy makes cows happy. The happier the cow I, the more productive she will be.

Effectiveness Of Homeopathy For Treatment Of Mastitis In Cows

Homeopathy as a treatment for mastitis in dairy cows is said to have originated in Western Europe. The scientists based this treatment on the law of similar. This is a law that stipulates that like treats like. In this case, they were using the natural remedies used to treat mastitis in human beings to formulate treatment for mastitis in dairy cows.

Treatment For Bovine Mastitis

Homeopathy has been used to treat different types of mastitis. One of the types of mastitis that homeopathy has shown great success is bovine mastitis. This is the inflammation of the udder tissues and mammary glands. Bovine mastitis is caused by microorganism infection or trauma.


Bovine mastitis is caused by E.coli, streptococci, corynebacteri pyrogens or staphylococci. It may also be caused by chemicals, thermal or mechanical injury. It may be transmitted through contact with milking machines, bedding, housing or contaminated hands.

A study that was conducted by R. Naresh and J.P Varshney on the efficacy of homoepathic medicine combination on mastitis showed 86.6% success with a mean recovery of 7.7 days.

Antioxidant Treatment For Mastitis

Mastitis in dairy cattle releases free radicals in milk. This results from an imbalance between antioxidants and oxidants. This is referred to as oxidative stress. In such instances, the level of oxidants exceeds antioxidant defense capacity.

The oxidative stress results in oxidative damage to lipids, proteins and DNA. Milk with a high Somatic Cell Count (SCC) is linked with malondialdehyde (MDA) levels in dairy milk. The MDA levels are higher in milk from cows infected with subclinical mastitis. This means higher oxidative stress levels.

Role Of Antioxidants In Treatment Of Mastitis

Cells normally contain antioxidants that control the release of ROS in tissues and the blood. The antioxidants protect the cow’s body from free radicals by scavenging on the free radicals or inhibiting oxidizing enzyme activity.

Aerobic organisms are adapted to fight against oxidative stress. This adaptation originates from the exposure to oxidants and dependence of molecular oxygen. The evolution of advanced cellular defense strategies has significantly increased the lifespan of individual species.

Cellular defense mechanism may be categorized into three depending on their functions of removing/repairing oxidative damage, quenching oxidants and encapsulating non repairable damage.

The cell is equipped with an antioxidant network that acts as the first level of oxidants defense. Antioxidants are known to donate electrons to oxidants to quench their reactivity. This makes them harmless. The second defense involves repair and removal of damaged and oxidized molecules. Finally comes the third and final stage that involves apoptosis or controlled cell suicide.

The antioxidant vitamins that are used as mastitis in cows natural treatment include; vitamin C(VC), Vitamin A (VA), Vitamin E (VE), β-carotene (BC). Antioxidant minerals include; Zinc (Zn), selenium (Se) and Copper (Cu).

The use of antioxidants in treatment for mastitis in dairy cattle has shown great success. It however needs to be done under the watchful eyes of a veterinary. Before administering the antioxidant minerals or vitamins it’s important that you subject the current feeds and rations to evaluation tests. It’s worth noting that the intake of some nutrients may weaken a cow’s immunity and increase the incidence of mastitis.

Topical Essential Oils Mastitis Treatment

Topical essential oils are known to be reliable remedies for mastitis infection. These are oils extracted from oregano, tea tree and peppermint. The oils are applied to the teats and udder. The ointment is applied to the exterior of the teats.

A number of pre-made creams made with essential oils may be used to treat mastitis. These are commercially available and go a long way in treating mastitis. They may be rubbed on the teats and udder after every milking. Massage the teats softly to ensure that the cow is exposed to the least pain.

Excellent results will be achieved when the affected quarters are stripped out. Stripping out milk starves mastitis bacteria thus ensuring that the bacteria don’t multiply.

Herbal Mastitis Treatment

A number of herbs have been used to successfully treat mastitis. Herbs are among the reliable mastitis in cows natural treatment techniques that have been used for decades. Some of the herbs that have been used for some time include;


Aloe has numerous medicinal benefits. It has successfully been used to treat human as well and cattle diseases. Aloe is used in liquid or ointment form to treat cows infected with mastitis. The ointment is applied on the affected udder quarters and teats. The liquid on the other hand is administered orally.

For effective treatment of mastitis using aloe, administer 300cc in two doses every other day for three days. This dose acts as immune boosters enabling the cow get rid of the mastitis bacteria.

Garlic Tinctures

These tinctures are quite effective in getting rid of the mastitis bacterium in dairy cows. Veterinaries recommend the use of 3 cc doses. The doses should be administered twice every day. The mode of administration should be through the cow’s vulva.

Administration of drugs through the vulva can irritate your animal. To avoid such irritation, use a syringe fitted with plastic tubing.

Other Mastitis In Cows Natural Treatment

Natural remedies for mastitis in dairy cows are quite many. The remedies vary from one location to the other. These remedies are very popular in Asia and parts of South America. In addition to the above natural remedies, there are some remedies that have also proven to be successful in the eradication of mastitis in cattle. These remedies include;

  • Dried kelp meal. This is a natural remedy that can be administered once a day. Every doze should contain 2 oz of the meal. The dry kelp meal helps boost the cow’s immunity thus enhancing the fight against mastitis bacteria.
  • Pasteurized whey. This is a natural mastitis treatment that was popular some decades ago. The whey is administered orally or sub-q at the tail end. A single dose of 30 cc should be given for three days.


Mastitis is the most common disease in dairy cows. This is an udder infection that is not only stubborn to treat but also results in huge losses. A dairy farm can only be profitable if it has effective ways or controlling, treating and eradicating mastitis.

Mastitis in cows natural treatment is one of the most effective ways of treating mastitis. We may not have exhausted all natural remedies that may help you eradicate mastitis in your home but these options will deliver great results.

Try any of the above treatment options and boost your dairy farm productivity and profitability.